Cataclysm: Episode Thirty

June 4, 2018

#30 Self

This month hosts Ben Madden and Meg Whitfield talk about the concept and importance of self.

They chat to front cover artist Ying Wang, who created the front cover art for Issue 2 of Catalyst Magazine.

This episode explores self identity through cultural background, food, confidence and star signs.


Presenters: Ben Madden and Meg Whitefield

Contributors: Tessa Randello, Meg Sydes and Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Ying Wang - Front Cover artwork

Balance illustration

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Assistant Producer: Francesca Reid

Music: Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Millennium Queen 


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Nine

April 15, 2018

#29 Cycle

This month hosts Lucie Davies and Meg Sydes chat about the concept of cycle and how cycle can range from a bicycle to vinyl trends.

This episode explores how your bike can be more than a mode of transport, how ghosting is a big part of dating and how vinyl records are back on trend.

Presenters: Lucie Davies and Meg Sydes

Contributors: Meg Whitfield, Kasia and Stephen Smit

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Music: Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Millennium Queen


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Eight

December 5, 2017

#28 Break


This month hosts Frankie Reid and William Ton chat about the concept of break and how the meaning of the word can differ from person to person.

They interview artist Portia Sarris, who created the cover art for Catalyst Issue Five, Volume 73. They also talk to photographer Adam Hogan about his work featured on the back cover. Frankie and William also chat to the band Dayzed.

This is our last episode for the year.

Thank you for listening and we will be back in 2018 with more stories from RMIT students.


Presenters: Frankie Reid and William Ton

Contributors: Meg Sydes

Guests: Portia Sarris - @portiasnewplace, Adam Hogan - @melbourne.sympathy

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Music: Dayzed - How Far From Home


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Seven

September 25, 2017

#27 Changes 


This month hosts Claire Ciantar and Meg Sydes chat about how changes affect our lives and how the meaning of the word can differ from person to person.

They interview artist Isa Frezza, who created the cover art for Catalyst Issue Four. They also talk to George Coltman who is the magazine’s Creative Director and discuss the new version of Catalyst Magazine.

This episode explores how changes can mean a change in name, the evolving world of fashion and how stress can drastically change your life.


Presenters: Claire Ciantar & Meg Sydes

Contributors: Alex Linton, Frankie Reid & Tessa Randello

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Music: Dayzed - The Awakening


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Six

September 4, 2017



This month with hosts Jas Mee Lee and Rainer Curcio talk about how the concept of sustainability affects our lives and the battle of trying to maintain a sustainable life as a student.  

They interview artist Elisa McTaggart who created cover art Catalyst Issue Four. This episode also explores what sustainability means in different fields, whether it be art, AFL or fashion.


Presenters: Jasmine Mee Lee & Rainer Curcio

Contributors: Laura Thiele, Frankie Reid, Tessa Randello, Campbell Mowat, Meg Sydes & Alex Linton

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Assistant Producer: Rainer Curcio


Music by Approachable Members of Your Local Community:


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Five

May 10, 2017


This month, hosts Lily Lazzarotti and Nick Carr talk hometowns, picket fences and family dynamics for our third episode of 2017: SUBURBAN.

Feel all the nostalgic hometown feels in Letters to My Suburb by Nat Pitcher, explore an often overlooked facet of family life in Georgia Imfeld's feature, Jerry: My Father's Father, and find out where HBO's adaptation of Liane Moriarty's novel, Big Little Lies ranks on the specially-devised Cataclysm Rating Scale™.  

Presenters: Lily Lazzarotti and Nick Carr

Contributors: Alisi Falevai, Ben Madden, Georgia Imfeld & Maggie Coggan-Gartlan

Executive Producer: Nat Pitcher

Theme music thanks to Poddintgon Bear:

And a big thank you to the folks at Tasty Morsels for the backing music used in Letters to My Suburb:


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Four

March 24, 2017

#24 AFTER 

This month hosts Julia Sansone and Laura Thiele explore the many facets of 'after'. In Patrick Hills' feature, The Grave Truth, learn about the people who care for the bodies of the homeless after they pass, and dive into the aftermath of the imagined finacial ruin of the US with Nick Carr and Lily Lazzaroti in their review of Lionel Shriver's The Mandibles for the first Book Club of 2017. Investigate the mysterious placebo effect with Hamish Vallance, and get the lowdown on the month in politics in the lastest instalment of Politics on the Couch with Claudia Long and Tash Grivas. 

Presenters: Julia Sansone & Laura Thiele

Contributors: Patrick Hills, Nick Carr, Lily Lazzaroti, Hamish Vallance, Claudia Long & Tash Grivas

Executive Producer: Nat Pitcher

Hamish Vallance also has a show with our friends over at SYN - check out The First Bite (a food show about the burgers), weekly on Sundays from 4-5pm or listen here: 

Theme music thanks to Poddintgon Bear: 

Book Club music with thanks to R McCarthy & Tasty Morsels:  


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Three

February 21, 2017


Cataclysm's new producer Nat Pitcher is joined by co-host Nick Carr to kick off the first epsiode for 2017: SURREAL. 

Hear a new perspective on the 'other side' in Claudia Long's peice, Mortuary, transcend the known-unknowns and the unknown-unknowns of the universe in Jack Connor's Searching for the Unknown, and catch up on all the happenings in Aussie politics during Politics on the Couch with Claudia Long and Tash Grivas.  

Presenters: Nick Carr & Nat Pitcher

Contributors: Claudia Long, Jack Connor & Tash Grivas

Executive Producer: Nat Pitcher

Music by Podington Bear:
Jack Connor SoundCloud: 

Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Two

September 6, 2016


Max Stainkamph is joined by new producer Sophie Hezier, Jane McLoud and Al Najmeddine as we talk all things unknown.
We explore the depths of our world with Rochelle Kirkham, and the depths of space with Max. Bethan Wainman explores Fake Meat, and our reviewers look at The Martian and The Hobbit. 
Music, as always, is by Podington Bear:



Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-One

June 21, 2016

#21: FOOD

Alana Christensen and Alice Rennison join Max Stainkamph as the Cataclysm Crew explore all things food.

Alana and Alice get the party started by jamming with some donuts, we hear about marketing of food towards genders from Alana Beitz and Michael Serpell delves into how fast food is changing.

We also send our reviewers back to look over some childhood classics, and our Pavement Philosopher Nathan Brown looks into what foods you hate.

Hugo Hodge also has a gander at the Queen Vic market.

Our music, as always, is done by Podington Bear.