Cataclysm: Episode Fifteen

May 24, 2015


“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus
- Stephen Hawking.

As many of us teeter on the edge of real adulthood, we’ve been thinking a lot about expectations. High expectations can be a driving force, but they can also often lead to total disappointment. This episode we stop and analyse what this strange thing –expectation- does to us.

Claudia and Ash have an ‘unexpected’ date-day at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show while Jess interviews former Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste about expectations of foreign correspondancy. Rachael shakes up Pavement Philosopher and gets the voice of Catalyst and Cataclysm to pen a letter to their younger selves.

Politics on the Couch asks what we expect today of student politics after attending an underwhelming Higher Education reform protest. Harriet speaks to RMIT graduates six months after flying the coop to see if their expectations of adult life match reality and Ash interviews C. S Pacat about all things fan fiction and homo-erotica.

Cataclysm’s regular bookclub rounds up the line-up with an all time classic. Alicia is joined by Rachael and Jennifer to dust off Nathaniel Hawthorne’s magum opus: “The Scarlet Letter”.

Presented by Jess Davis, Claudia Long, Ashleigh McMillan and Rachael Dexter. 

Music by Podington Bear, Chris Zabriskie, and Kevin MacLeod

Episode 15 Contributing Crew: Lauren Muscat, Jess Davis, Harriet Conron, Brendan Wrigley, Alexander Darling, Alicia Barker, Claudia Long, Jennifer Zhao

Executive Producers: Rachael Dexter and Ashleigh McMillan