Cataclysm: Episode Four

May 26, 2014

This episode: a date night at a chocolate bar, Cataclysm checks out Good Beer Week, Eloise Florence's writing inspires Beth Gibson to go on a Tinder date, Finbar O'Mallon covers the March in May and Jack Callil speaks to Ineke Adamson.

Presented by Rushani Epa & Alexander Darling.


Cataclysm: Episode Three

May 12, 2014

This episode: a date night at Madame Brussels, James Smith from Good Beer Week, Nathaniel Tanter speaks with Jess Porter, Finbar O'Mallon brings you a roundtable on the latest Victorian budget, Broede Carmody & Richard Ferguson with another Politics on the Couch, Ashleigh McMillan checks out Under the Skin, poetry by Francesca Di Stefano and Alexander Darling asks about the weirdest thing you've received as a text.

Presented by Beth Gibson & Jack Callil.