Cataclysm: Episode Six

June 22, 2014

This episode: Beth Gibson and Broede Carmody ask Melburnians when they knew they'd grown up, Ashleigh McMillan and Darcy Oliver take on Margaret & David with 'Also At The Movies', Matilda Edwards speaks to Maxwell Roberts from Velma Grove, Alan Weedon and Allison Worrall go on a very fancy first date and Zoe Blain joins us for readings.

Presented by Alan Weedon & Allison Worrall.


Cataclysm: Episode Five

June 8, 2014

This episode: an extra greasy date night, Ashleigh McMillan has a lot of sass in store for Nicole Kidman and Grace of Monaco, Politics on the Couch returns, Broede Carmody speaks to Michael Walsh on Victoria's growing ice problem and Beth Gibson brings you a radio play.

Presented by Rushani Epa & Richard Ferguson.