Cataclysm: Episode Nine

August 17, 2014

This (huge) episode: VHS and film with Ashleigh McMillan joining us in the studio to talk MIFF, Jessica Sheffield revisits the video store, Darcy Oliver brings his latest reviews, Rachael Dexter and Harriet Conron go for a date night at the Coburg Drive-In, Ashleigh McMillan speaks with the makers of The Animal Condition, artist Ernesto Rios speaks with Jessica Lukjanow, Finbar O'Mallon attends a VHS swapmeet, Alicia Barker remembers your favourite 90s TV shows and Alexander Darling looks at film piracy.

Presented by Rachael Dexter & Jessica Lukjanow with Ashleigh McMillan

With music by Kevin MacLeod


Cataclysm: Episode Eight

August 3, 2014

This episode: noise. Rachael Dexter investigates the supposed health hazard behind the subsonic noises coming out of wind turbines, Jessica Lukjanow talks to RMIT students about their embarrassing sex noise stories, Alicia Barker speaks to Henry Law about his work, Jack Callil asks Paul Miller about his poetry, Richard Ferguson & Broede Carmody take a look at Glasgow and stolen dictaphones and Yara Murray-Atfield brings you the sounds of Timor-Leste.

Presented Broede Carmody & Allison Worrall.