Cataclysm: Episode Eleven

September 22, 2014

The last episode where Alicia Barker speaks to Cameron David May about his work in the upcoming Catalyst, Rachael Dexter considers living in tiny houses, Broede Carmody & Richard Ferguson with the last Politics on the Couch, Finbar O'Mallon speaks to a speed dating coach, Beth Gibson brings us a preview of her art project on homelessness in Melbourne and Alexander Darling looks at the push for a monument to the dim sim in Melbourne's CBD.

Presented by Ashleigh McMillan, Rachael Dexter, Richard Ferguson & Finbar O'Mallon.


Cataclysm: Episode Ten

September 7, 2014

This episode: the rockstar of scuba diving John Garvin speaks with Ashleigh McMillan, Rachael Dexter hangs outside the State Library of Victoria, Darcy Oliver takes a look at Tom Hardy's latest flick, Alexander Darling fails to buy Alicia Barker a drink for their date night at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Jack Callil speaks with Catalyst's featured photographer Lani Holmberg and Richard Ferguson says Broede Carmody needs to be a lifter and not a leaner in Politics on the Couch.

Presented by Alexander Darling, Alicia Barker and Ashleigh McMillan.