Cataclysm: Episode Eighteen

September 12, 2015


'Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened'- Anatole France.
Many of us have our first encounters with life and death with animals and it’s pretty obvious we can learn a lot from our pets and animals in the wild. This very cuddly episode we are paying homage to our feathered, furry and four legged friends.

Hosts Jade and Nathan bond over allergies on their datenight at Melbourne’s Cat Café, while the Pavement philosopher asks the public about their most significant encounters with animals. Jess Davis takes us inside the touching relationship between assistance animals and their humans.

It’s magpie season -cough- student election time at RMIT; listen to Harriet and Brendan’s wrap up of the week that was for Politics on the Couch. Film extraordinaire Ash is back bringing us a haunting review of ‘The Visit’.

The tenuous animal link continues with Bookclub as Alicia is joined by Harriet, Jen and Max to discuss Sue Saliba’s new book ‘For the Forest of a Bird’.

Presented by Nathan Brown, Jade Bate, Ashleigh McMillan and Rachael Dexter. 

Episode 18 Contributing Crew: Jess Davis, Harriet Conron, Brendan Wrigley, Alicia Barker, Nathan Brown, Jennifer Zhao, Max Stainkamph,

Music: Bensound, Poddington Bear

Executive Producers: Rachael Dexter and Ashleigh McMillan