Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Seven

September 25, 2017

#27 Changes 


This month hosts Claire Ciantar and Meg Sydes chat about how changes affect our lives and how the meaning of the word can differ from person to person.

They interview artist Isa Frezza, who created the cover art for Catalyst Issue Four. They also talk to George Coltman who is the magazine’s Creative Director and discuss the new version of Catalyst Magazine.

This episode explores how changes can mean a change in name, the evolving world of fashion and how stress can drastically change your life.


Presenters: Claire Ciantar & Meg Sydes

Contributors: Alex Linton, Frankie Reid & Tessa Randello

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Music: Dayzed - The Awakening


Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Six

September 4, 2017



This month with hosts Jas Mee Lee and Rainer Curcio talk about how the concept of sustainability affects our lives and the battle of trying to maintain a sustainable life as a student.  

They interview artist Elisa McTaggart who created cover art Catalyst Issue Four. This episode also explores what sustainability means in different fields, whether it be art, AFL or fashion.


Presenters: Jasmine Mee Lee & Rainer Curcio

Contributors: Laura Thiele, Frankie Reid, Tessa Randello, Campbell Mowat, Meg Sydes & Alex Linton

Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Assistant Producer: Rainer Curcio


Music by Approachable Members of Your Local Community: