Cataclysm: Episode Seventeen

August 23, 2015


This episode we are stripping off and laying bare the weird and wonderful things our bodies are capable of. From cyborgs to sex toys to mortuaries, this episode we’re appreciating our bod in all it’s different stages.

Serial pests Alicia, Rachael and Harriet debut the podcast’s first ever naked date night at a Japanese Onsen. Matilda asks some complete strangers to examine their bodies for pavement philosopher. Evan Young speaks to microchipped humans about our possible cyborg future.

Mark Latham went troppo this week; listen to Harriet and Brendan give a wrap-up for Politics on the Couch. Pod newbie Alana hangs out with RMIT students designing their own innovative sex toys (yep, it’s a thing!).

The body fixation continues as Claudia takes us inside the Mortuary at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine to meet the people who care for us after we shuffle of the mortal coil. 

In an unexpected twist, Alex gives a lesson in body appreciation- guitar bodies that is. He brings us sweet sounds from the Melbourne Guitar Show.

And bookclub does Albert Camus’ existential classic ‘The Stranger’; Alicia is joined by Nathan, Brendan and Finbar.  

Presented by Jennifer Zhao, Alicia Barker,  Ashleigh McMillan and Rachael Dexter. 

Episode 17 Contributing Crew: Harriet Conron, Brendan Wrigley, Alicia Barker, Matilda Edwards, Victoria Knauf, Evan Young, Nathan Brown, Finbar O’Mallon, Alex Darling, Alana Beitz, Claudia Long, Jennifer Zhao.

Music: Bensound, Poddington Bear

Executive Producers: Rachael Dexter and Ashleigh McMillan