Cataclysm: Episode Thirty-One

August 31, 2018

This month, EP Jas talks to guest panel Lissa Divissi, Alex Linton and William Ton about positive topics ranging from politics to inspiration pawn.

She also chats the front cover team Holly Karas, Julia Sansone and Adela Shen about the collaboration process in creating a great front cover image.

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Host and Executive Producer: Jasmine Mee Lee

Guest Panel: Lissa Divissi, Alex Linton and William Ton

Contributors: Frankie Reid and Kasia

Front Cover Team:

Stylist:                Holly Karas @hllykrs              

Photographer:     Julia Sansone @thesansberryblog

Designer:            Adela Shen @aderpla  @shop.bitsy

Music: Ping Pong Club - Venetian Blinds