Cataclysm: Episode Twelve

March 22, 2015
This episode we are remembering a time past. Our generation is probably the last that remember a glimpse of the pre-digital world, and this episode we are both celebrating and reminiscing that. 

Alicia and Rachael head to 'Alchemists Refuge' for a board-gamed fueled date night. Brendan also heads underground to explore the secretive Urban Explorer scene. Jess debuts our new 'Pavement Philosopher' segment, talking early memories with the good people of Melbourne. 
Harriet and Brendan banter over higher education reforms as our new resident 'Politics on the Couch'-ers. Alexander chats with former RMIT student turned comedian Anthony Jeannot about his upcoming show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Lauren delves into the world of high fashion, reviewing the new film 'Dior and I'.

This episode the official Cataclysm Book Club reviews 'We were liars' by E. Lockhart.

Presented by Finbar O'Mallon, Alicia Barker, Ashleigh McMillan and Rachael Dexter.

Music by Podington Bear

Episode 1 Contributing Crew: Jess Davis, Harriet Conron, Brendan Wrigley, Alexander Darling, Jennifer Zhao, Finbar O'Mallon, Chelsea Hickman, Alicia Barker and Lauren Muscat.

Executive Producers: Rachael Dexter and Ashleigh McMillan