Cataclysm: The Catalyst Podcast

Cataclysm: Episode Twenty

March 15, 2016


Cataclysm returns for 2016 with the artificial episode. We explore artificiality in all it's glory - from fake stars to fake intelligence, all in preparation for when the robots take over. 

EP Max Stainkamph and mag editor Claudia Long kick date night off by listening to the soothing tones of Geoffrey Rush as he tells us how we'll be sucked into a black hole. Luke Michael also joins us for some quality banter.

Tristan Danino hits the streets and asks if we can ever truly create artificial intelligence as the Pavement Philosopher.

Evan Young and Alana Beitz find virtual art at the National Gallery of Victoria, and take us on a tour, while Dev Nicholl looks at how we can adopt artificial versions of ourselves while discussing 'synthetic to self'. 

Lauren Muscat reviews - or previews - a scary insight into our future in Ex Machina, while Sammi Taylor takes us down worn paths to review To Kill A Mockingbird in honour master storyteller Harper Lee. 


As always, our intro, and the intro to book club, is done by Podington Bear -